Black Signature Tee

Black Signature Tee

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  • Signature logo on the front 
  • Soft feel
  • eco-friendly
  • true to size 
  • 100% cotton ( organic)
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

" Where style meets a STAR"

 Always be eager to gain knowledge, slow to speak and be bold to stand. Many trials may come but never let that define your destiny to becoming the star you are. You hold value, so believe in yourself and enjoy your confidence. Self -criticism are negative thoughts not a star’s nutrition fact. Let your mindset grow it will evolve into a meaningful life.

Its ok to face difficult challenges, embrace imperfection, never seek approval from others, learn to trust yourself and the process not how long the process takes. Stars in the Galaxy wasn’t made in one day. Every thought that was put into making you look like a star was done with a "growth" mindset and out of love to make you feel important and worthy. Star Stylish appreciate each of you.